Terms & Conditions

FREE PATTERNS: On pattern packets that are designed on wood surfaces we carry, we discount the price of the pattern packet when you purchase the wood surface associated with that pattern packet. Also, we will at times, "suggest" optional wood surfaces for certain pattern packets. These "suggested" surface/pattern packet combinations will also be discounted. In most every case, the discount is 100% of the price of the pattern packet. In a few cases, the discount is less. 

It is important to note, ordering the wood surface and pattern packet separately - will not combine the discount in the shopping cart and therefore the pattern will not be discounted.

You must order the pattern packet from the pattern packet product page - and select the option for the wood surface you want to combine with that pattern packet, to recieve the discount desired.

Also note, there may be additional options you may want to select prior to clicking "Add to Cart" (ball feet, hinges etc...).

PRICING: All prices are subject to change without notice. We work hard to insure prices shown are accurate. However, in the event of an error, typo, or oversight, we must correct the error before transactions are processed. If there is an error, we will make contact with you for approval before completing your order. All prices are subject to change without notice.

PRIVACY: We do not sell, give, or release any information from our customers to anyone, ever.

SECURITY: Tolemine.com is secured by SSL, the industry standard that lets you know all communication on our website is protected while in transit. You can be assured SSL is in use by the green padlock icon in the address bar and the letters https:// in front of the address. Furthermore, our payment gateway is being handled by perhaps the most secure and trusted names in online commerce, Paypal. 

PAYMENT: We accept checks, and money orders. We also accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Paypal through our secure web site and checkout pages. 

SHIPPING AND HANDLING: We ship larger packages via UPS ground. Smaller packages are usually more cost effective to go through USPS. We always choose the carrier based on best rates. Charges are calculated based on weight and size of items ordered. All rates given at checkout are for continental US only. If your shipment is outside this area - we will contact you via email with an estimate for shipping and handling charges and will not process your order until we have your approval for all charges. 

FREE SHIPPING OFFER:  When free shipping is offered on a single item - It means there will be no additional shipping charges incurred for that item in your order. We do this by "telling" the shopping cart the item ordered weighs "0" lbs. Therefore, by choosing the item with free shipping -

  1. If it is the only item(s) ordered - the shipping charges should come up as $0.
  2. If there are additional items in the order - shipping will be computed as normal, but the items shipping free will not add any additional charges.

RETURNS: If we make an error on your order and you receive something you didn't order - we will authorize a return for full credit, and ship the order correction to you at no additional costs to you.

If you receive something, and decide you don't want it, for any reason. Please contact us for an authorization to return. Upon, confirmation of items to return, we will authorize a return for those items. The amount refunded will be the price paid for the items, less a 30% restocking fee. You will be responsible for shipping the item back to us. The refund will be processed upon our receipt of the return authorized items.