Blemished Items

From time to time we end up with a few items that just don't stack up to our standards. It could be a scratch, or a dent, or something that isn't quite right. We do make every effort to "repair" these defects - however, you can expect some anomalies. Some things you may see on these items.

  • wood filler where needed - (will be sanded smooth)
  • mis-alignment of parts - (will be machined or sanded as to reshape the area as much as possible to reduce visibility after it is painted)
  • repaired splits, dents, erant fastener marks (holes)
  • products made with a veneered wood may have veneer sanded through to core wood - (usually MDF)
  • Otherwise good prototype boxes that may have slight size or design descrepancies

We will make every effort to fully describe the nature of the defect(s). These items will be discounted appropriately. Please read the special return policy for these items on the "terms and conditions" page.

There are no products to list in this category.